Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Unique Letter to President Kikwete

This letter was circulates in one of Tanzania's social media network, wanabidii: It is addressed to President Jakaya Kikwete (pictured) in a unique tone, and with a message that makes it eccentric. Read on:

Dear Jakaya,
Your not-so-Excellency President Kikwete,
It is my obligation to inform you, as a loyal citizen of The United Republic of Tanzania, that you are an awful president. As much as I'd love to praise your abilities to keep Tanzania in good light to most of the world, I cannot; as your cons outweigh your pros. As much as I'd praise you because you are the reason my father has the job he does at this present moment, I cannot; as you still do not fit the requirements required to be President of Tanzania. My reasons can be expressed as follows:
To start with, you do not know how to run the economy of this country. Tanzania is one of the richest countries in Africa in terms of natural resources, however, it seems that your degree in Economics did not teach you much, considering that you are unable to apply these resources to use to raise the economy of this nation. However, what you have been doing so far is giving the resources to 'investors' to raise the money for you, not realizing that these investors are not here to develop Tanzania, they are here to develop themselves! It is your job to create employment, investment opportunities and more capital for the Tanzanians themselves and I must say your failure at doing so is immense.
Even as an 18 year old, studying average high school economics, I can think of way more solutions to our economic problems compared to the ones that you are providing, which so far, are actually not even present, as you are not providing solutions to our problems. I must not get into stereotypes, lest I judge you by your background, however I must ask, who in the world informed you that the only way out of our problems is through foreign aid? Actually, I must also question who you put on your economic affairs advice team, as they are obviously not doing anything but smiling at your face and nodding to whatever you think is right for this economy.
Foreign aid is not helping Tanzania create jobs and social services because in case you have not noticed, the people do not have any incentive to push them to work for themselves, because obviously, our dear president will bring more foreigners to do it for us instead, and lend us some money so we can eat for the rest of the tax year. Mr. President, I do not know of your personal views of this country, but have you no self respect? Tanzania is now the third most aided country in the world, despite our resources. Have you no shame to beg from the Western world every other month, instead of working to run away from the exploitation of our past?
You are running straight back to what we ran away from 50 years ago under the reign of our dear Mwalimu. How do you feel once Rwanda and Kenya boast about having no budget deficit and no financial aiding from foreigners in their next parliamentary budgets, while you will smile and say Denmark is giving you an extra 10 million euros to finish up your budget? Do you seek pride in being the little beggar child that all of the rich people lend money to every now and then because they have been a 'good child' and listen to everything the rich people demand?
You are a prime example of the able bodied man on the street, begging from car to car, not knowing that he has strong limbs to work for himself! I am tired of the days where we run to the West to help us. Why? Because they exploited us, and as wealthy nations it is their obligation to help us out? No. That's how life is. One has to fend for their lives, and we are the ones who need to fend for the life of this country, with you in the lead. However, you are not in the lead at all, and I pity your lack of abilities. As an 18 year old girl, I feel like even I, and many others like me out there can run this country better than you do. And I do not criticize with no willingness to act, trust me, given the opportunity, I would run this country today. As we search for chances to serve our country today, you need to do the same. Do you serve this country, or is this country supposed to serve you?
I must say, you will never be known as the man who changed Tanzania. You will be known as the man who was too much of a coward to face the liars, the corrupt and the exploiters who ruin this country. No one will remember you when you are gone. No one will say, "What if Kikwete was here?" or "I miss the days when Kikwete was president." As you lie in your mansion somewhere in the nation, people will probably be glad you even left. Hope you're happy.

Inviolata Sia Chami


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